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Thaipoosam Cavadee Celebration 2010

Dr David B Lingiah     

     Kaavadiyaam Kaavadi   Pazhanimalai    Kaavadi     

              Sevadiyaam Sevadi,  Balaamurugan Sevadi     

    Aarupadai Kaavadi, Aadivarum Kaavadi                    

    Aarumugan Kaavadi, Arul Tharum Kaavadi

                         Pattupaadi Aadivandomae

                        Murugan Bhakthiyodu Odivandomae                     

    Mellam Kotti Aadivandomae                     

     Kumaran Perai Cholli Odivandomae

         Vel, Vel 

Following much preparation and fasting Hindu Temple of Scotland devotees in Glasgow celebrated the Cavadee festival in much fervour and spirit attended by over 100 families originated from various parts of India at the Partick Burgh Hall on Sunday 31st January. Many MauritianTamils and  their friends  were in evidence among whom were Rama Valaydon and family, Dr Bala (David) Lingiah & Nalini, Gami Aubeeluck, Indiren and Mike Arnachellum, the Rungen family,Diva Sockalingum, Simi Caleechurn, the Balgobin family, Vanita Dowlul. His Holiness Mani Gurukkal from London came to officiate at this special ceremony. The Mauritian group led by Rama Valaydon was the initiator of this event, sponsored part of the rituals. This is the second time this event has been successfully celebrated in this temple with Mauritian active involvement. 

Three devotees from Chennai residing in Glasgow were the main persons carrying the  peacock decorated Cavadees complete with milk in sombu and chanted Vel Vel Muruga following the special prayers by the priest: Mr & Mrs Subhulaxmi Jaganathan and Mr Srinivasan. Mrs Jaganathan became very emotional to the lovely Mauritian Murugan songs /prayers sang by Rama Valaydon: “Sandira Muruga Nalla, Tandira Muruga Nyana  and Vathrade Poyeigei. 

The garlanded Statue of Lord Muruga was installed on a beautifully decorated palanquin which was carried round within the temple by six persons to the sound of sweet songs and music. The Paal(milk) Abhisegam ceremony was sponsored by the Mauritians, and other donations by them; many families participated in the ceremony. A delicious meal was served. To conclude the celebration three cavadees were raised shoulder high by Diva Sockalingum, Dr Bala Lingiah and Rama Valaydon who danced to the sweet sound of Vel Muruga accompanied by kolatham beat led by Pamela Rungen. The priest from the local Hindu Mandir was present and witnessed the various activities and procession. 

Dr Raman and several other committee members were so impressed that they wished to carry the Cavadee next year in our new temple building at Rutherglen. They too will be blessed for thinking this way. There are various conditions, rules, rituals and ceremonies including fasting for ten days before devotees are permitted to participate and carry the Cavadees. 

Drs Prabhu Bhatt and Raji Gopinath acted in support of the priest to ensure sweet running of the rituals and ceremonies. Everyone present spoke highly of the celebration and felt much energized. There were several Scottish friends also among the audience in the hall. One of them Mr Trevor Jones wrote saying:  “I absolutely loved the whole thing and felt very privileged to be part of it. Everyone was very nice and the rituals very spiritual and moving.” 

Briefly, what is cavadee? 

Cavadee, this word resounds like a divine incantation, and whose origin seems to come from time is a ceremony accompanied by strange tribal rituals, originates from an ancient Tamil legend. It is the story of Idumban, a highly symbolic name, which means “arrogant”. This man was a reformed bandit and a disciple of a guru known as Agastiyar. One day, the latter ordered: “Set off for the mountains, Idumban, and bring me back the two summits! You will attach them at the ends of a cavadee (the cavadee, or kavadi, is a simple yoke, or in other words, a stick that is used to carry loads). Idumban, obedient and faithful, departed for his journey accompanied by his wife. He firmly tied the two peaks to his yoke and set out to bring them back to Agastiyar. But, on the way, Lord Muruga, son of Shiva and Ouma, changed himself into a little boy and hid in one of the peaks so as to weigh down the load. However, Idumban soon discovered him and in his fury, as he could in no way recognise his God, he began to fight with the little boy. But, Muruga pierced him with his spear and the man died. Through their prayers, the wise Agattiyar and many other followers insistently asked for the divine grace of Idumban, with the result that their God finally accepted to resurrect the dead man. To thank Him for His Goodness, it was commonly decided that all those who will visit the temple will have their wishes granted. As such, it will also be a good opportunity to thank Him for the granted favours as well as to have the benefit of being closer to Him, to His wisdom and kindness. There are several legends about cavadee all related to Lord Shiva, Parvati and their sons Ganesha and Muruga. 

Cavadee was celebrated on Saturday 30th in Mauritius despite the deadly heat. Thousands of devotees carried their well decorated cavadees and travelled in disciplined towards their local kovils to pour the sacred milk over Muruga in order to obtain His blessings. These days many younger people are fasting and taking part in this ritual. 

The President of the Republic, Sir Anerood Jugnauth accompanied by Lady Jugnauth, the Prime Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam and his wife also attended the main festival held at Sockalingum Menatchee Ammen Temple commonly known as Kaylasson Temple St Croix, P/Louis where they made their offerings within the temple to Lord Muruga. Other members of the cabinet and leaders of the opposition parties too attended this event. Devotional songs/prayers/music in Tamil was heard from 10.00am all over the island.  

“Sandira  Muruga  Nalla  Tandira  Muruga Nyana

Satguru  Naada  Muruga

Saari  Muruga  Varumei  Tirou  Muruga  Swami

Satti  Daananda  Muruga” 

Fourth Anniversary of Temple


Dr David B.Lingiah


The Hindu Temple of Scotland based in Partick, Glasgow, celebrated her fourth anniversary on Sunday 25th of October in great style attended by nearly 300 families and friends from various parts of UK. The Acharya  Mani Iyer came from London especially to perform this function with many colourful rituals.  On this occasion Lord Murugan Thirukalyanam was performed with participation by about 12 couples on stage, among whom was a Mauritian family, Mr and Mrs Rama Valaydon.  This glorious ceremony performed first time in Scotland was a rare opportunity. The priest read portions of Hindu scriptures on that occasion. It is said that wherever kanda Sasthi is read /heard there one will have good health, long life and prosperity.


The main lamp was ceremoniously lit by two ladies Mrs Lalitha Natarajan and Leela Gadadhar.The ceremony opened by the bhajan group led by Rama Valaydon singing the Ganesha Prayer; other bajans followed by several others who later joined in. Mrs (Dr) Raji Gopinath welcomed the familes and visitors in a short speech; towards the end her husband Dr Gopinath  in his closing  speech and vote of thanks closed the day after giving an account of the work that remained to be done for the temple in the coming years.  Many people came forward and made financial donations towards the temple work. There was also a raffle with many prizes run by Rama Valaydon to raise funds for the temple.


Dr Raman’s Banana Leaf Catering provided a very delicious South Indian meal to complete the occasion. Fund raised on that occasion was nearly £2 500.



July 5th - temple sponsored

June 28th - temple

June 21st - Dr Ajay Verma and Monika Raju

June 14th - temple

June 7th - Drs Likith Alakandy and Geethika, daughter's birthday

May 31st - Dr Gopi and family, wellbeing

May 24th - temple

May 17th - Prof Ravi Kumar and family for daughter's first birthday, and Drs Mruthyunjaya swamy and family son's first birthday

May 10th - temple sponsored the pooja and annadhanam

May 3rd - temple

April 26th - temple

April 19th - tamil new year day, Hindu temple

April 12th - Dr Avi and Mrs Charlotte Raman

April 5th - Mr Rajanikanth, daughter's birth

March 29th - Drs Anand, Mamta, son's 3rd birthday

March 22nd - Dr Sujatha and family, father's anniversary

March 15th - Dr Basu and family, celebrating their daughter Nishita's birthday. A generous devotee handed in £500.00 to the temple, in cash. He wishes to remain anonymous.

March 8th - Sponsored by Mr Dinesh Muthusamy for their well being.

March 1st - Dr Rahul and Pragya Sinha, on the occassion of passing their exams.

Feb 22nd - Sponsored by Mr Pramod Kandala and family, occasion being their son Abhiram's first birthday.

Feb15th - Sponsored Mr Arunachalam Iyer and family

Feb 8th - Sponsored by Mr Kranthi and family

February 1st 2009 - Lakshmi ashttothara, Venkateshwara ashttothara and special Krishna prayers - sponsored by Gopinath, Arun, Nagaraj, Deepika and Niranjan families, with annadhana.

January 25th 2009 - Abhisheka and annadhana - cost bourne by the temple.

January 18th 2009 - Abhisheka and annadhana sponsored by Drs Rahul and Soumya Bhat, Edinburgh, originally from Dhakshina Kannada

January 11th 2009 - Abhisheka and Annadhana - sponsors Dr and Mrs Reddy, Hamilton


NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS - 04th January 2009


The Hindu Temple of Scotland successfully celebrated the dawn of 2009 with a Thirumanjanam (abhishekam) for Sreenivasa Perumal. Many devotees thronged to the temple to seek blessings. The list of festivals for the year of 2009 has been updated on the website (Please follow the festivals link). Also, as a new feature, we have decided to upload photographs from numerous occasions and celebrations via Flickr. To view the photos please follow the link on the left. We welcome photographs from the devotees to enable us to update our collection.



Cavadee in Glasgow Temple - 27th January 08

Report by Dr David Lingiah




“This was indeed a great historical moment for the Hindu Temple of Scotland. I feel so happy for Mr Valydon who is so dedicated and committed. He reflects the joy and feelings of all the temple devotees who had witnessed this auspicious occasion being celebrated for the first time in Scotland by a group of Mauritians Tamils, with the participation of other members from Chennai and other parts of India.


Rama Valaydon, a Committee member of the Hindu Temple of Scotland, had participated several times in the cavadee ceremony in Mauritus. He is a great devotee of Lord Muruga; this year with his family he decided to fast and initiate the ceremony in our temple with the help of some of his close Mauritian friends from the temple, Dr David Lingiah and his wife, Diva Sockalingum, Gami,Pam Rungun and family.


Cavadee, this word resounds like a divine incantation, and whose origin seems to come from time immemorial. Indeed, Cavadee, a ceremony accompanied by strange rituals, originating from an ancient Tamil legend. It is a great opportunity to thank Lord Muruga for the granted favours as well as to have the benefit of being closer to Him, to His wisdom and kindness.


On Sunday 27th January 08 in the presence of about 80 persons of all age groups, the two temple priests started the ceremony which was sponsored by Dr Reddy and family.


Then the garlanded Statue of Lord Muruga was installed on a beautifully decorated palanquin which was carried three times round within the temple by six persons to the sound of sweet songs and music while the Mauritian friends did the Kolatam dance led by Dr Lingiah.  Mr Rama Valaydon dressed for the occasion in dhoti assisted by Diva Sockalingum sang with much fervour the songs invoking Lord Muruga and then he carried the Cavadee on his shoulders leading the procession. It was a marvellous sight to behold; such pomp and ceremony has never been seen by the temple goers in Scotland.


Following Milk Abhisegam ceremony in which many families participated. A delicious meal was served by Banana Leaf. On behalf of the temple committee Mr Jaganathan thanked everyone, including the temple priests, Guru Prabhu and Vijay, for their assistance and support in making this first cavadee ceremony a success.


29th September 2007                      2nd Anniversary of the Temple


A gala celebration took place and the main hall was full of devotees taking part in the Grand Poojai for Their Divinities Muruga, HIS consorts Valli and Deivanai. HIS 1008 names were uttered in sequence by Prabhakara Gurukkal while Paal (Milk) Abhisegam was performed by devotees, helped by Vijay Gurukkal and Pramod Gurukkal performing all the Abhisegam (as happens in Palani – milk, yoghurt, honey, Panchamirtham, Panneer, and Vibhuthi etc.). A common Archanai was performed. The unique performance was the procession of HIS Divine Muruga on a platform of a Pallakku (palanquin), carried by eight devotees,  around the hall three times and all devotees joined behind with echoing names like ‘ Muruga,. Velava, Vel Vel, – Arogara’. The final remarkable part of the celebration was Sriman Valaydon lying prone and the palanquin bearers carrying HIS Divine Muruga and then the entire crowd crossing over him as happens in Palani Temple and Mauritius. Many devotees felt as if they were in a temple in India.


While a sumptuous food was served Srimathi Rajalakshmi auctioned three donated sarees which adorned the Goddesses Valli and Deivanai and safely protected by HIS Divine Ganesha. There was a stiff competition for bidding a higher price (as the funds raised will be for the Temple fund). A raffle competition was held by Sriman Valaydon, assisted by Sriman Lingiah and distributing several prizes – all prizes were donated by devotees earlier.


7th October

Special poojai was performed for the Namagaranam (naming the baby) poojai for the baby. The proud parents Dr. Balaji and Dr. Preethy and grandparents selected the name and poojai was done on behalf of the family. They were the sponsors to look after all the poojai expenses on that day including food.

AGM - 9 Sept 07

Dr Unni preceded as Election Officer and the following were elected to be in the committee for ensuing 2 years.

Dr N V Doraiswamy

Mr M Logendra

Dr S Raman

Mr K Jagannathan

Mrs Subbulakshmi Jagannathan

Mrs Padmini Raman

Dr Prabhakara Bhatt

Dr Unni

Dr Gopinathan

Mr Doraswamy Valaydon

Dr C Balachandran

Dr Ashok Kumar

Mrs Ajitha Balachandran

Dr Vanaja Reddy Puli

Mr Pramod Kandala

Mr Premkumar Alamantha

Mr Ravikumar Rajaseharan

Mr Vijay Krishna Raghunathan

Sunday 9 Sept - Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated with imprints of HIS Divine Sri Krishna's feet entering the prayer hall.

Dr Raj Mohan & Family sponsored today's Poojai and Annadhanam.

Sunday 15th July - Namagaranam (naming the baby)


Double sponsorship by (a) Srimathi Swarna and Sri Manjunath and (b) Srimathi Sunitha and Sri Vara Prasad. Many newcomers attended the function including Scottish couple. Srimathi Sunitha and Sri. Vara Prasad’s baby was named ‘Meghana’ in the traditional style , with blessing from Pramod Gurukkal and Prabhakara Gurukkal and Srimathi Ajitha, Srimathi Swarna and Srimathi Padmini representing Goddesses Parvathi, Lakshmi and Saraswathi took Aarathi and blessed the baby. Sri Murthy representing the Hindu Temple of Scotland presented a gift with his blessings to baby Meghana. All devotees joined to bless baby Meghana for a prosperous and healthy life.


Sunday 1st July


Ms. Rhonda Hall and her family sponsored the Poojai and Annadhanam with delicious food.


Saturday 16th June 2007 - Social evening


The get-together was very successful and the whole hall was packed. Children and adults enjoyed with lot of fun and socialising. There was big demand for most of the stalls like Facials, mahendi application of hands and snacks. The longest queue was for ‘Masala Dosa’. Finally the hall had good echo while the raffle prizes were announced and many children received the prizes. Several had requested to arrange similar get-together events. (The temple committee will discuss and decide the date for the event).


Sunday 13th May 2007


Prabhakara Gurukkal and Vijay Gurukkal performed the Poojai on the occasion of Parents’ Anniversary Remembrance Day for Thirumathi Aruna and Thiruvalar Ram Gopal who had looked after the expenses incurred for the Poojai, Annadhanam and Gurukkal Dakshinai.


Following the Temple committee meeting this week, several fund raising proposals were announced. When the suitable halls and other details are available, they will be announced in the forthcoming weeks and also through the website


Selvan Paras and Selvan Sanjay explained about ‘Bala Gokulam’ and ‘Hindu Students Forum’. To mark the occasion of success in the examination and getting a job in USA, Selvan Amit Kumar donated a beautiful Balaji idol which was received by Thiruvalar Valaydon on behalf of the Temple and 50 books about ‘Sri Subramanyar Sahasranama Sthothram’ for distribution.


An anonymous devotee donated A3 size pictures for colouring and were distributed to children. Due to a limited number of children, Telugu class only was conducted by Thirumathi Vanaja Vasanth.


Sunday 15th April 2007


New Year Celebration Tamil Puththandu and Vishu (malayalees) day


The event was celebrated by a group of Malayalam speaking devotees. The Gods were decorated with flower garlands and the ladies  dressed in  traditional ’ Mundu’ and decorated the floor with traditional style in front of HIS Divine Krishna and reflecting the decorations in the mirror in the traditional style. It was an eye-catching decoration and many devotees appreciated as they saw such an event for the first time.

Tamil speaking ladies decorated Gods with special flowers and decorations.

Poojai was performed by Vijay Gurukkal. Malayalees selected Dr. Unni and Thirumathi Vijayalakshmi Unni as their representatives to be the sponsors of the day. All mantras were re cited in the traditional style and in addition for HIS Divine Narasimma Moorthy on this special occasion. The sponsors joined the Astothram by using the silver flowers on the brass idols of HIS Divine Ganesh and HER Divine Lakshmi Devi. After Archanai and Maha Aarathi, the donations were accepted by the Temple – ‘Thanga Vel (Golden Spear) for HIS Divine Muruga (as HIS armour used to kill devils), donor who were constantly interested in the development of the temple and would like be anonymous. Prabhakara Bhatt Gurukkal brought ‘Somanathpur Lingeshwar’. The unusual feature of this is that HIS Divine Shiva is about a man’s height and surrounded by HER Divine Parvathi Devi, HIS Divine Vinayaka, HIS Divine Muruga, HER Divine Ganga Devi and with Trisul and Nandhi (HIS vehicle). In Somnathpur, HER Divine Ganga Devi constantly drops water on the top of Lingeswarar all the time, symbolising providing water for all of us.

Very delicious food with special sweets and the traditional ‘Maangai Pachchadi (mixture of raw mango, jaggery and neem flowers) was served. As the day was of special significance, devotees were given fruit at the end.


Tamil New Year

14th April is celebrated as the New Year Day by Tamil speaking people throughout the world as Tamil Puthandu, malayalees as ‘Vishu’ , Bengalis as Naba Barsha and Vyshaki in Punjab.

The month of Chitthirai has arrived and with it the New Year.  Greetings of “Puthandu Vazthukal”, (Happy New Year), are exchanged with fervour on this day, which is supposedly the day when HIS DIVINE Brahma (The Creator of the world, according to Hindu mythology) started creation.

The day starts with viewing the 'kanni' (the auspicious sight) at dawn, in the expectation that beginning the New Year by looking at auspicious or favourable things will bring good fortune throughout the year. The auspicious things include gold and silver jewellery, betel leaves, nuts, fruits and vegetables, flowers, raw rice and coconuts. This is followed by the ritual bath and a visit to the temple to pray for a prosperous and happy New Year. After which, the Panchangam (almanac) is read.  The ladies adorn the entrances of their houses with ‘Kolam’ (design made with rice flour) and deck the doorway with mango leaves.  During the month of Chitthirai the marriage of Goddess Meenakshi to Lord Sundareswarar is celebrated as ‘Chitthirai festival’ in Madurai.

The highlight of the festival is the 'Maangai Pachchadi' (a dish made of raw mangoes, jaggery and neem flowers), which is at the same time sweet, sour and bitter. This signifies all the different aspects of our life. 

Sunday 25th Mar 2007


Telugu New Year day (Ugadhi in South India, Gudi Paduwa in North India) was celebrated with special Poojai. Pramod Gurukkal and Vijay Gurukkal conducted special Poojai. ‘Panchanga Shravana’ (reading and forecasting the events for the ensuing year) was performed by Pramod Gurukkal. Traditional ‘Ugadhi Pachchadi’ was offered along with ‘Thirtham’. The Mauritian family - Rama, Amba and Anouchka Valaydon were the sponsors celebrating 10th birth day for Anouchka. With a kind gesture, she donated a generous cheque from her pocket-money. Selvi Sindhu Menon picked the chit donor – Dr. Reddy.


25 Mar 07

Ugadhi this is a merger of two words Yuga (a period) + Aadhi (Beginning) indicating the birth of a New Year.

Ugadhi indicates the beginning of a new Hindu lunar calendar with a change in moon’s orbit. It is a day when mantras are chanted and events are predicted for the ensuing New Year. The most important event in the festival is Panchanga Shravanam - listening to the future events in the New Year calendar as is preached by the Priests in the temples. The great Indian Mathematician Bhaskaracharya’s calculations proclaimed the Ugadhi day from the sunrise as the beginning of the New day, New month and New Year.

The festival is called "Gudi Padwa" in Maharashtra; it heralds the advent of new year and is one of the most auspicious days for Marathis. It is customary to erect 'Gudis' on the first day (Padwa) of the Marathi New Year. 'Gudi' is a bamboo staff with a colored silk cloth and a garlanded goblet atop it, which symbolizes victory or achievement. The New Year is ushered in with the worship of the "Gudi" and the distribution of a specific "Prasadam" comprising tender neem leaves, gram-pulse and jaggery. The symbolism of tastes is the same as what is described above


04/02/07                      Thaipoosam (Kavadi) celebration

Thaippoosam was celebrated in the Temple with usual rituals that happen in any temple. While 'Paal (milk) Abhisegam to HIS Divine Muruga with HIS both companions, Devi Valli and Devi Deivanai, was performd by Gurukkal Pramod, Prabhakara and Vijay, some devotees also performed 'Paal (milk) Abhisegam' to HIS representative idol. After getting dressed up, HIS Divine Muruga and HIS consorts were taken procession three times in the Palanquin ('pallakku')  specially decorated with peacock feathers on all 4 corners of the palanquin and hanging milk pot on the carrying post. It was an eye-catching ceremony when Thiruvalar Rama Velaydon was lying flat on the floor and THEIR Divinities sitting on the palanquin crossed over him. Lot of devotees joined for Archanai for their families well being. A sumptous food was served, prepared by the Banana Leaf team.

Thirumathi  Balaji and Thirumathi Monica were selected as Chit donors (£ 5 per month each for ten months)

The sponsors, Thirumathi Padmini Raman and Dr. Raman ,  looked after the expenses involved in the celebration and food as sponsors of the day

3 December 2006

Thiru Vilakku Pooja

Karthikai Deepam is a festival of lights celebrated by Tamil Hindus on the full moon day of Karthikai month (November/December). Houses and streets are lit up with rows of oil lamps (Deepam) the evening of the festival day. The huge lamp lit at Tiruvannamalai hills is very famous.

To signify this auspicious occasion Vilakku Pooja was conducted successfully on 3rd December 2006.

This Pooja was performed by married women and young girls to enhance prosperity, well being and harmony within the family. Rows of women were seated facing each other and each had a plate with a glowing lamp and other pooja items.

Mrs.Laitha Natarajan conducted the pooja from start to finish and Pramod Gurukkal recited the 108 Ashtothram on Goddess Lakshmi during the pooja.

It was nice to see all the ladies seated and focussed during the pooja with their brightly lit lamps.

The benefits of this pooja are harmony within relationships, marriage blessings for prospective brides and wealth in the form of children, work and studies.

The Hindu Temple of Scotland  would like to thank Mrs.Laitha Natarajan for helping us to conduct this Vilakku Pooja.

Miss.Valli Jagannathan donated a beautiful silk saree which was draped on the Goddess and then auctioned.Pramod Gurukkal was successful in his bidding and got the saree which he presented to his mum.

01 October 2006

Celebration of The First Anniversary of the Temple              

About 450 devotees attended the temple on this auspicious day when Srinivasa Kalyanam (Holy wedding of HIS Divine Srinivasa) was combined with the anniversary celebration. While dignitaries - Mr. Randhawa, Consul General of India with his wife, Deputy Chief constable Mr. John Neilson, MSP, Mr. Des McNulty MSP, Ms. Pauline McNeill, MP, Mr. Mohammad Sarwar, Councillor, Mr.Malcom Green watching, all devotees took part in an eye catching ceremony of Abhisegham (showering of milk, yoghurt, honey, holy water) on HIS Divine Srinivasa by Srinivasa Acharya Gurukkal, many devotees did Paal (Milk) abhisegham on Sata Gopam carrying HIS Divine Rama's feet. This was followed by Srinivasa Kalyanam (Holy wedding of Srinivasa) with HER Divine Padmavathi Devi, in the tradtional manner, conducted by Srinivasa Acharya Gurukkal, Pramod Gurukkal and Prabhakar Gurukkal. At the auspicious time, HE married HER, using the Golden Thali, wearing on HER neck - symbolic of being HIS partner. Poojai was carried out in the usual manner. Dr.Lakshmi Prabhu auctioned two sarees worn by the goddesses and there was a stiff competition - two were successful for high bidding. In the raffle, the top prize was for one night stay in a 5 star hotel, with dinner and breakfast very stiff competition again and the highest bidder was successful to enjoy this great luxury with comfort.

The holy liquid collected during the Abhisegham was given to all devotees. Some people mentioned that it is almost like queuing up in the Tiruppathi
Hills waiting for HIS Dharsana. After browsing through the stalls (snack, saree, raffle and Mehendi) devotees enjoyed a typical South Indian wedding meals (Kalayana Samayal saadam). There was a great demand for all stalls Several children helped to pick up the lucky winners in the raffle and most of the prizes were colleted and the remaining will be displayed for collection by the ticket holders during the following weeks.

In summary, it was a successful celebration of the Anniversary and all the funds raised will be used for the Temple Building Fund.

Receipts will be given to all sponsors and donors.

23rd July 2006

Thirumathi Nagashree and Thiruvalar Dr. Sriharsa Athreya sponsored Poojai and Annadhanam to pay homage to (Late) Thiruvalar Venkateshan (father of former) and Thidhi. They have prepared few extra sumptuous food items.

Selvi Poornima and Selvi Lavanya rendered devotional songs after announcement and liked by all.

16th July 2006

Selvan Lokesh, Selvan Sundar, Selvan Rajesh, Selvan Venkatesh, and Selvan Hemanth – all students in Glasgow, have sponsored Poojai and Annadhanam to celebrate for well being of all.  They also have contributed in preparation of some food items with their own hands-

9th July 2006

Thirumathi Dr. Vijayalakshmi and Thiruvalar Dr. Unni have sponsored today’s Poojai and Annadhanam on behalf of their children Selvi Supriya and Selvan Sandeep (at India) to celebrate for well being of them and all. 

Shri Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja, Kolkata, of Omkarnath group, delivered a lecture about ‘Problems in human life and devotional solutions’ and rendered advice. His visit was arranged by Dr. Ghosh. He blessed all devotees with the wooden feet from his Guru after Pramod Gurukkal blessed all with Rama Patha on Sata Gopam.

2nd July 2006

Thirumathi Subbulakshmi and Thiruvalar Seshasayee have sponsored Poojai and Annadhanam to celebrate wedding anniversary. On their special request, they and few other devotees performed Paal Abhisegam (showering milk) on His Divine Sree Rama Patha (feet) on the top of Sata Gopam. It was an eye-catching and mind-satisfying event to all devotees to watch. The milk collected was distributed as Thirtham.

Thirumathi Radhika Doraiswamy donated a beautiful Kancheepuram Silk saree. This will adorn our Goddess and later it will be auctioned.

18th June 2006

Thirumathi Vanamala and Dr. Dinakar Hegde sponsored Poojai and Annadhanam for well being of all.

Thirumathi Dr. Kausalya and Thiruvalar Muralidharan donated full sets of beautiful Pattu (Silk) Veshti (Dhoti) and full compliment of (Kancheepuram Pattu) saree and other garments to all deities. They adorned the deities. On request of some devotees, the saree was auctioned by Dr. Lakshmi Prabhu. Among stiff competition for bidding, finally Dr. Dinakar Hegde (Sponsor of the day) was lucky to bid for the highest sum. And the saree was handed over to his wife Thirumathi Vanamala. It is felt auspicious to own and wear such a saree used by Deity.

As this was ‘Fathers Day’ a special Archanai was performed for all past, present and future fathers – represented by Dr. Dhurva Prakash.

Some devotees have contacted to be members of the ‘One India One People’ magazine, which published the details of ‘Celebrating Ugadhi in Scotland’ as was performed in our temple.

7th May 2006

Thirumathi Aruna with her husband Thiruvalar Ram Gopalan sponsored the Poojai and Annadhanam in memory of her parents and for well being of all.

Thiruvalar Murthy gave a lecture about the significance of the picture depicting Goddesses Sakthi, Lakshmi and Saraswathi together.

 Selvan Bhisan (originally from Calicut, Karala) gifted a beautiful ‘Subha Dhristi Ganapathy’ ( with three eyes) and Thiruvalar Sekar received it on behalf of the temple.

 Selvi picked up the fifth donor of the first group in the Temple Chit Donation Scheme and picked up the name surprisingly none other than Dr. Doraiswamy! He was given a cheque for £ 450.00 and a receipt for donating £ 50.00 to the temple.

 As suggested by devotees, all names of donors who had donated £50.00 and more since inauguration of the temple were kept displayed in a board. 

 30th April 2006

Thirumathi Dr. Devika and Thiruvalar Dr. Chandra Sekara Nair sponsored the Poojai and Annadhanam for the well being of all.

Thiruvalar Balu from Chennai has donated a beautiful framed picture of Sri Ganapathi, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Saraswathi. He mentioned that this picture was a treasure item for his grandfather Thiruvalar Balraj for more than 70 years and has sent this with his well wishes.

Selvi picked up the first donor of the fifth group in the Temple Chit Donation Scheme and picked up the name Dr Vyas. He was given a cheque for £ 450.00 and a receipt for donating £ 50.00 to the temple.

As suggested by devotees, all names of donors who had donated £50.00 and more since inauguration of the temple were kept displayed in a board. 


During usual Poojai, a special Abhisegam (milk,  Rose Water and Panchamirtham – mixture of five materials including jaggery, honey, banana, milk and kalkandu) to HIS Devine Sree Murugar with Sree Valli and Sree Deivani was performed by Pramod Gurukkal, replacing old to new clothes to THEM as was requested by the one of the two sponsors. It was an eye-catching ceremony.


Double celebration

(1) Vishukkani (Kerala): This festival is popularly celebrated mostly in the village settings. The houses are cleaned, decorated and the entrances are designed with a variety of Kolangal (using rice powder). Friends and relatives visit each others wishing for a better future.

(2) Tamil New Year Day (Tamilnadu): This is well celebrated as groups of families get together. In certain places, this is the beginning of the financial year for business. Educational Institutions celebrate by declaring holidays.

 To celebrate both the above events, The Temple will perform the usual Poojai followed by Paal Abhisegam (showering with milk) to HIS Divine Lord Krishna.

Return flight tickets to Paris - as very few donation tickets were purchased by the devotees, the draw will take place at a later date when more tickets are taken.


Sree Rama Navami was celebrated in a grand scale. Thirumathi Padmini and Dr. Raman represented the Sponsors Selvi Charlotte and Dr. Avi Raman of Sydney, Australia and took the ‘hot’ seats as ‘Parents’ of the Bride for ‘Kanniga Dhanam (giving away the bride) for

        HER Grace Rajakumari Seetha Devi


for the ‘Thirukkalyanam’ (Marriage) with


HIS Divine Lord Sri Ramachandra Moorthy


The Royal Godly marriage took place in a pompous grand scale in the specially erected ‘Thirukkalyana Pandal’ (wedding stage), facing the East and  methodically conducted, in a traditional manner with marriage ‘Mantras’ by Pramod Gurukkal, using ‘Thali’ (sacred yellow thread) tied on a freshly washed ‘Manjal Kombu’ (turmeric stem). At the accounted auspicious time,


HIS Divine Lord Sri Ramachandra Moorthy

tied the holy Thali with three knots on the neck of

                        HER Grace Rajakumari Seetha Devi

As the traditional way, lot of devotees handed over cash and cheques to the ‘Moii’ writer Dr. Balachandran as gifts to the couple.

Archanai ticket holders participated with their families in the ‘Paal Abhisegam’ (showering with milk) to HIS Divine Feet –Sri Ramar Patham – on the Sata Gopam.

Thiruvalar Murthy donated a set of Deities (Sri Ramachandra Moorthy, Sri Seetha Devi, Sri Lakshman and Sri Hanuman) to the temple to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

 Thirumathi Lakshmi Prabu auctioned the saree worn by the bride and there was stiff competition for bidding.

 ‘Panagam’ (water sweetened with jaggery) and ‘Poppu’ (seasoned raw dhal with coconut) were served along with meal to celebrate Sree Rama Navami.

 Some donation tickets to Paris and return were bought by devotees for the Flight Ticket Donation Scheme.


After bidding by a number of devotees, Thirumathi Dr Lakshmi Prabu was successful to receive the 'Saree' for £110 (one hundred and ten). All devotees applauded and thanked her for her kind gesture.

02 April 06

Ugadhi was celebrated in a grand scale and the hall was filled by devotees. Double sponsors – Thiruvalar Madhava Rao with Thirumathi Malleswari and Selvan Venkatesh Thota. After Poojai, Promod Gurukkal read the new ‘Panchangam’ giving a synopsis of the predicted events for another year. All Archanai ticket holders with their families took part in the ‘Paal Abhisegam’ (showering with milk) on the HIS Divine Feet of Sri Ramar Patham on Sata Gopam after Archanai.

 Selvan Prem Kumar was the 4th lucky donor in the first group of the Temple CHIT Fund Donation Scheme. A cheque for £ 450.00 and a donation receipt for £ 50.00 were given to him.

 Some donation tickets to Paris and return were bought by devotees for the Flight Ticket Donation Scheme.

26 February 2006 

Maha Sivarathiri’ was celebrated in a lavish manner and bringing atmosphere of  any typical South Indian Temple. After initiating Ganapathi Poojai by Promod Gurukkal, Thiruvalar Murthy set up the ‘Siva Lingam with Nandhi’ on the special ‘Abhisegam Base’. After initial bathing with holy water, ‘Paal (Milk) Abhisegam’ was commenced. While chanting ‘Ohm Namasivaya’ by devotees, 44 families, lined up one after another, did ‘Paal (Milk) Abhisegam’ to the Lord Supreme and HIS vehicle – an eye catching and breathtaking scene that could be remembered for long. The collected Abhisegam milk was distributed as ‘Thirtham’ along with a delicious and sumptuous food.

Thirumathi Dr. Lakshmi Prabhu and Dr. Krishna Prabhu sponsored this event. The hall was packed with devotees and the performance was to more than simple satisfaction to the devotees – some said ‘ cannot imagine’ that we could do ‘Paal (Milk)    Abhisegam’ with our own  hands to Lord Arthanareeswarar and HIS vehicle Nandhi in Scotland, as only the Poojari (Priest) will perform such event in the South Indian Temples and devotees could watch from a distance – had immense joy and unmeasurable pleasure. 

A script and Siva Slokas compiled by Thirumathi Dhanya Prakash about the significance and beliefs held about Maha Sivarathiri was distributed.

Selvi Anushka ( 4 years old) picked up the name for the first donor in the 4th group of the Temple CHIT Donation Scheme and the lucky donor was Thirumathi Padmini Raman.

Some devotees joined for the 5th group and some joined the donation scheme for return flight ticket to Paris

12 February 2006

Marriage in South Indian style: The Temple conducted the first South Indian Style marriage with traditional rituals. Selvan Selvam and Kumari Madhumita were joined as the married couple. Thirumathi Padmini and Dr. Sethuraman representing as parents for the bride Kumari Madhumita  gave away (Kanya Dhaan) to Selvan Selvam, whose parents were represented by Thirumathi Catherine and Thiruvalar Rangan, accepting the bride. Thiruvalar Ramesh Gurukkal (London), aided by Promod Gurukkal (Glasgow) performed the rituals.

Thai Poosam: this auspicious festival, well celebrated in Kerala and Tamilnadu was celebrated. ‘Panchamirtha Abhisegham (rinsing Lord Muruga and His wives Valli and Deivanai with five holy liquids – milk, yoghurt, ghee, sandalwood and Panneer) was performed by Thirumathi Ajeetha and Dr. Balachandran, sponsors of the day for Poojai and Annadhanam (giving away food), guided by both Gurukkal. Then, the Lord Kandar and His wives were taken for the procession in a specially constructed ‘Pallakku (palanquin)’ three times while the hall echoed with chanting ‘Muruganukku Arogara’ by the devotees – reminiscent of a scene in Tamilnadu and Kerala temples

Poojai: Promod Gurukkal performed Ganapathy, Lakshmi, Balaji and Murugar poojai. Meditation was observed during ‘Neivediyam’.

Poojai and Annadhanam (providing meals) were sponsored by Selvan. Vivek Muralidharan and his parents Thirumathi Kousalya, Thiruvalar Muralidharan and grandparents.

Visitors: Mr. Anil Gupta and Mr. Ashok Ohri visited the temple and discussed about fund raising proposals and methods.

CHIT donation scheme: Selvi Anushvi (5 years old) picked up the name of Selvan Anand Hanumanthiah as the second donor for the third group.

Donation: Thirumathi Subbulakshmi Jagannathan donated a beautiful Kancheepuram Pattu (silk) saree (6 yards) to be worn to the Goddess and later for auctioning.

Thirumathi Ajeetha and Dr. Balachandran were the sponsors for the poojai, joined by Thiruvalar Promod Kandala for the memory of his departed brother for Annadhanam.

5  February 2006       

Thirumathi Angammal’s name was picked by Child Sana Suraj (4 years old) as the 2nd donor of the first group from the Temple CHIT Donation Scheme and cheque for £ 450.00 and a receipt for £ 50.00 were given through her daughter Thirumathi Subbulakshmi Jagannathan.

            Donation tickets for Air flights tickets are not flying but moving very slowly. If a number of devotees take part such schemes can be continued.

Dual sponsorship by Thirumathi Radhika and Dr. Vijayakumar Menon for well being and Selvan Promod Kanadala in respect of departed brother 5 months ago.



Pongal/Sankaranthi celebration and Balaji Abhisegam on 15th January 2006

          Many devotees arrived in time for the auspicious Abhisegam to Lord Balaji, accompanied by His constant partners Sridevi and Bhoodevi. After devotional songs by devotees, Poojari (Priest) Promod Gurukkal explained the importance and process and then the Abhisegam with traditional Panchamirtham – five items as Paal (Milk) Thayir (Yoghurt) Thein (Honey) Neyy (Ghee – butter fat) Panneer (mixture of holy waters) was performed by the sponsors on the day Dr. Sudharsan Reddy and Thirumathi Vasantha, guided by the Poojari – a scene most gratifying to the devotees present,  rekindling their thoughts as if they were in an  Temple in India in the holy atmosphere.  The hall was packed and many had to stand at the back.

         Fund raising suggestions were described to remove some apprehension about the process (the details are indicated below – CHIT fund, Air ticket and three different archanais).

         Dr. Balachandra gave a cheque and Dr. Dhruva Prakash received the cheque on behalf of The Temple - £ 101.00 for weekly archanai for one year in his and family’s names.

       Two devotees have expressed interest and once the cheques are received the names will be announced during the next Temple day.

CHIT fund: The group of 10 devotees who have given the cheques to the Temple will constitute the First group – as announced before, all the names, kept upside down, were placed in front of the Lords and Devis. Selvi. Kannamma (about 4 years old) picked up the first donor- Thiruvalar Baskar Ramasamy and Thirumathi Sangheetha. Thiruvalar Murthy, on behalf of the Temple, presented a cheque for £ 450.00 and a receipt for the donation of £ 50.00 to the couple (for accounting and tax claim purpose) .

      Paal (Milk) and Thein (Honey) collected during Abhisegam were given as ‘Thirtham’ to all devotees and crowns were glorified with Blessings of ‘Rama Patha’ (Lotus Feet of Lord Ramachandra Moorthy).

      All devotees were given ‘Vellam (Jaggery – brown sugar) to represent Love and Til (sesame seeds) representing ‘friendliness – traditional token for Pongal/Sankaranthi celebration.

       Traditional ‘Sarkkarai Pongal (sweet), Pongal (savoury) and meal were served to all devotees.

Lots of volunteers helped to clear the halls.


Pongal/Sankaranthi on 15th January 2006

            Farmers’ day (e.g. Uzhavar Naal - Tamilnadu, Kisan Dhinamu- Andhra, Baisaki - Punjab) will be celebrated all over the world. In Southern parts of India this important festival is celebrated and known as ‘Pongal’ in Tamilnadu and ‘Sankaranthi’ in Andhra and Karnataka. Farmers traditionally celebrate with friends and family offering prayers to God as thanksgiving for the rain and crops in preceding years and also praying for good rain and abundant crops for the ensuing year. As Cows and Bullocks are vital to farmers, the horns and feet are decorated with colourful paints and bringing together to a ‘Poojai’ location for special prayers for their health and help for the ensuing year. Traditionally sugar canes are distributed and ‘Sakkarai Pongal’ i.e. special mixture of jaggery/sugar and sweet condiments cooked in mudpots and served to all. Such an occasion happens when the Mother Earth’s magnetic power changes the course to North from South (Utharayanam from Dakshinayanam)

            The Temple will be celebrating this important festival on Sunday 15th January. Mudpot decorated with ‘Kolam’ will be on sight. A special ‘Abhisega Poojai’ for Lord Venkateswara with his constant partners Bhoodevi and Sridevi will be performed in addition to the usual Poojai and Crowning Glory to all devotees with Lord Ramachandramurthy’s feet. In view of the special Poojai, the prayer/bhajan singing will finish at 1215 and the Poojai will start at 1215 hours (instead of 1230 hours).

            It is a good opportunity to get-together with family and friends in the Temple and also elaborating to younger generation. Please inform you friends and relatives and come to the temple in time to get the Blessings from God.

First Quarterly meeting held at Hamilton
Date : 06/12/05

The organisers held a meeting on Tuesday the 6th Dec at Dr Godha Murthy’s house in Hamilton. The following important points were discussed. We started off by discussing what we have done so far and how we can improve on it.

How to promote the temple

Padmini Raman said that we should promote the temple in an appropriate way. Communication should be improved and people should me made aware of the website available. It was suggested that small cards and brochures should be circulated in the temple. Also announcements should be made to encourage people to visit the website more often.

Dr Ashok Kumar suggested that emails should be sent once a month to all the devotees as a reminder to visit the temple. He said that if one such email is sent to his telugu website, he will forward it to all his association members.

Mr Moorthy suggested that since the kids get bored during the bhajans, we can organise some sort of activities like painting competition etc. This will encourage the kids to visit the temple. Dr Godha suggested that we can also have singing competition in the temple and Mr Pramod suggested that we can distribute the cards through the representative of universities, so that it can reach student population. He promised to get the email id of Hindu Society of Glasgow University. We should reach the Hindu community in other cities like Edinburgh, Stirling and Aberdeen. May be we can identify one or two families in each city and through them, get a network of that city.

Mr Moorthy suggested that there should be a target set for each job to be done. Instead of status – quo, each one should be given a specific job. It would be a good idea to choose a representative for each committee like fund raising, cultural etc. He also suggested to make a calendar with temple’s name and address and also have the gods picture in the card to be distributed. A questionnaire was distributed in order to get the feedback


Timings were discussed and it was felt that a ceremony is taking quite a long time and some people especially kids get bored and restless. Therefore it was agreed that the following times will be observed from Jan 2006.

1145  -  1230  -     Bhajans
1230 – 1315   -     Pooja Ceremony
1315 – 1330   -    Neiveithyam (At this point, announcements will be made and if anyone has  got  a moral story they can come forward with it)
1330               -     Annadhanam (After which classes will take place)

Fund Raising:

Mr Jaganathan stated that since we have reached the first quarter, it is the right time now to start fund raising. Our charitable status has been approved by Inland Revenue and charity number should come in about ten days time.

It was suggested that we should contact Birmingham temple and get first hand advice from the council as to how we can go about fund raising. Dr Ashok Kumar also suggested to choose a network of people and request them to donate generously. This has to be done through proper communication and networking, i.e. through the representative of each city. Mr Pramod and Dr Ashok Kumar promised to give us the name and addresses of such people. It was also decided in due course, that a fund raising committee and cultural committee should be elected.

Expanding the Organising Committee.

Dr Raman suggested that we should involve a few more dedicated people in the committee. This was agreed and Dr Ashok Kumar was unanimously chosen to join the committee. Mr Valydon’s name was also proposed but due to family commitments he declined the offer but said that he will continue to provide his support. Mr Moorthy was also proposed but he declined the offer.

It was suggested that we should have a representative from the students committee because they provide a huge support to the temple. With this mind, Mr Ravikumar was chosen as the students representative.

After which the meeting ended with a positive note and it was suggested that the next meeting will be held on Saturday, 7th Jan 06 at 6pm

Venue: 66 Mote Hill Hamilton, ML3 6EF


Kandar Shasti Celebration on Sunday 13th November

This is a very important festival celebrated in Kerala and Tamilnadu, certain areas in Karnataka and Andhra, Tamil Ealam, Singapore, Malaysia and several other countries. Special programme will be organised for this important event. Poojai will also include  Abhisegam with Paal (Milk), Thayir (Yoghurt), Panneer (Rose Water), Elaneer (Tender coconut water). In India, vennai(butter), vibhoothi (sacred ash) , abhisegam also would be done.

An unusual devotional competition will be held on that day - whoever can memorise and tell over 90%  of the names  of 'Kandan (Lord Murugan)' (without referring the list) will receive a special prize in addition to prizes for the ages less than 5, age 5 and 12 and over 12. (Age no limit)

Please see the names as follows arranged alphabetically: Please accompany your friends and relatives.

Kandar Shashti Competition

Aandi, Aarukunraathuadhiban, Aarupadaiveeran, Aarumugam, Aragarashanmuga, Arumugapadaiappa, Arupadaippa, Azaguvelan, Ambigaipathan

Balakumaran, Balamurugan,


Ezhilkumaran, Ezhilmurugan

Gnanaguruparan, Gugan, Guganeyan, Guganeyaselvan, Gunaseelan, Guruparan,

Kaarthigeyan, Kadamban, , Kadirkaaman, Kadirkaamavelavan, Kadirvel, Kaliyagavaradan, Kandan, Kandaperumal, Kandayya, Kathavarayan, Kiruthikeyan, Kumarguruparan, Kumarappan, Kumaran, Kumaravel ,Kumaaravel,Kumarayya, Kundrakudiyon, Kundrathiadipathy,  Kundravan,

Malavan, Malmaruga, Mamalaiyan, Mamalaiyon, Maalmarugan Mayilvaganan, Mayilvannan, Mayoorasimman, Mayooran, Muruga, Murugavel, Murugayya, Murugesan, Muthuvel

Padaippa, Palani, Palaniandi, Palaniandavan, Palanimurugan, Palanimurugavel , Palanivelavan,

Palanivel, Palanivelazagan, Palanivelayudan, Palanivelayudaperumal, Pannirukaivelmurugan,

Sakthivel, Saravanan,Saravankumar, Saravanabava, Saravanagugan, Selvakumaran, Sendoorkandiah, Senthilvelavan, Sevalkodiyon, Shanmugam, Shanmugappriyan, Sivabaalan, Sivakumaar, Sivakumaran,  Sivakumaaran, Sivamaindan,  Skandavel, Soorabadmasimharan, Subramani, Subramanian, Subramaniyam, Sudarvelan, Sundaravelan, Swamiappan, Swamiguru, 

Thirumuruga, Thirukkumaran, Thirukkundron

Vadivelan, Vadivelazagan, Vadivelkumaran, Vel, Velan, Velmurugan, Velavan, Valayudan, Velayyan,

Vallimanalan, Vajjiravelan, Vajjiravelazagan, Vetrivelan, Velmurugan, Velkumaran

Umabalan, Umamaindan


Successful Deepavali celebration on 30th Oct 2005

Deepavali was celebrated in a grand scale. There were so many devotees  that some had to stand  due to limited space in the hall. Apart from usual Poojai, Thiruvalar Promod Gurukkal did an auspicious Dhanaluckshmi Poojai (as done in India to start a new account, new business, new investment etc.) to get Her Blessings. Thiruvalar Murthi lectured about the significance of Deepavali and donated calendars from Andhra with various Gods' pictures, which were later taken by devotees. Thirumathi Dhanya brought the festive atmosphere with a beautiful 'Kolam' drawn with rice paste on a cloth. After lot of Archanas for devotees, special Annam (Meal) (totally different from usual) cooked by the Chef, Thiruvalar Anand, who came specially for this occasion from Bangalore and bringing specially prepared 'Almond Diamond Sweet with silver foil' from Chennai was served. As there was happy and bright festive aroma persisted, the quadruple language teaching was cancelled and children accepted graciously. 

Quadruple languages are taught regularly and the number of children and adults is gradually increasing. The following teachers dedicate their time for teaching after Annadhanam in a separate room:

Telugu - Dr. Vanaja

Kannada - Dr. Santhosh/Dr. Godha

Malayalam - Thirumathi Ajeetha/Thirumathi Devika/Thirumathi Dhanya

Tamil - Dr. Doraiswamy


Grand Deepavali Celebration

Deepavali will be celebrated in India on 1st November. But we will start Deepavali Celebration on Sunday 30th October in Scotland, from Partick Burgh Hall, at usual time of 1200 to 1600 hours. Some special items are being flown by air from Chennai for this special occasion. Apart from an auspicious Poojai, a discourse about the importance of Deepavali would be narrated by a Vedic Person. There will be a special ‘Kolam’ to reproduce the atmosphere in India. And a delicious Annam (food) will be served and the cook is flying from Bangalore for this.
Please come along with  your friends and relatives and take part in this improtant Hindu festival. Please e-mail your for suggestions to make this a more memorable and pleasant event especially for children –

Successful Onam celebration on 25th September 2005

Families of Kerala community joined together and brought the traditional Kerala flavour and celebrated Onam in their own style. Floral carpets were arranged with colourful flowers. Reminiscences were in limelight with traditional Mundus worn by Keralathu Mangaiyar . Thirumathi Suchitra Girish gave a synopsis about Kerala and the importance of Onam celebration as equivalent of Deepavali. She also explained the Epic story of the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Vamana.
The limelight of the celebration was the delicious and sumptuous traditional Kerala meal for Onam, cooked by their own hands.












 Meeting was held on the 23rd of July and many members were present on that day. Meeting started off with prayer songs from Mrs. Jeya Subramaniam and Mr. Murthy.

 Dr. Doraiswamy welcomed everyone and the following points were discussed.

  • As suggested in the last meeting all announcements will be in English as well.
  • Email address is ready for communication – the email id is

  • Web site is ready and live now. The website id is –
  • Letter has been sent to Hindu Mandir requesting a place for our worship. No response yet.
  • Following persons volunteered to represent.

Kannada                -               Dr. Godha Salunki

Malayalam             -               Dr. Vijay Kumar Menon

Tamil                     -               Thiru. Premkumar

Telugu                   -               Thiru. Pramod Kandala

 A Priest  has been arranged from London for the First Inaugural Pooja on the 21st of August 2005 and  Abhisheka Poojas will be done to all deities.

 Sponsors are welcome for the Abhishekams. They can decide the Abhiseka Pooja God / Gods or the Annadhaanam or both. Devotees can view the  website and see the dates available for these events, if you are interested to book any of these dates, please do let us know by and we will be able to book this date for you. Please do give your phone number in that email as well, so that we can contact you if we need any further information.

 Devotees can arrange to cook their own food in the temple and serve it for people as an Annadhanam, or they can request the Temple to do it for them. The cost of this will soon be available on the website.

Also the cost of each Abhishegam will be soon available on the website, so that the devotees can make a choice as to what they would like to do.  If the sponsors for Abhishegam want to have an Iyer on that day, then The Temple can arrange for an Iyer to come from London. The cost of his transport will be paid by the Sponsors.

Festivals can be arranged by any groups in any of the four languages. On these days special poojas can be organised to suit their festivals.

The temple will be registered as a Charity institution. This work is under progress and will be completed soon. This will enable both the donors and the temple to receive tax benefits. In this regards Receipt books have been printed and a receipt will be issued to every donor.

Idols have reached Glasgow on Friday the 12th of August, after customs clearance and other formalities are over, we will be able to have idols by mid week.

Books in all four languages have been ordered. Some have already arrived and the remaining books are on the way, and will be arriving within ten days.

Pedal Base to station all the deities for Abhisheka Poojas have been made and is ready for use now.

The funds in the Hundi Pot will be counted in the presence of one of the devotees at the end of Pooja and signed by him/her. The money collected will then be deposited in the bank.

Dr. Santhosh Salunki discussed about smoke alarm due to burning of camphor and incense sticks.  This was tested with the caretaker.

Dr. Ashok kumar explained the growth of Birmingham Temple and suggested we should follow that strategy and approach a few hindu families in Scotland for help. Dr Doraiswamy thanked him and indicated that this will be pursued after  running the Pooja for a few months.

Dr. Raman enquired about “Kann Thirappu” (opening of the eyes) for the vigrahas.

This issue was clarified both in India and in London. This “Kann Thirappu” will be initally done in India and then sent here. But when we do the first pooja on the 21st of August, the poojari will also repeat that process once again, so that it is completed.

Dr. Ashok Kumar suggested that we should  have the organisers names in the Web site, and  indicate the number of devotees available. Mrs. Leela Somasundaram warned about confidentiality and therefore it is not advisable to give full details of devotees.

Dr. Godha Salunki suggested that some slokas should also be taught to the children.  This will be looked into.


The First Meeting - 25th June 2005

The first public meeting was held on the 25th of June 2005 at Partick Burgh Hall. After the prayer song by Mrs.Jaya and Mr. Murthy, Mr. Jagannathan chaired the meeting and welcomed the guests.  Dr. Sethu Raman explained the Aims and described the progress to develop the temple for almost eighteen months


It has been proposed to initiate and maintain a Hindu Temple, called the Hindu Temple of Scotland, in Glasgow.


The chairman initiated the open discussion. The following were discussed:


1.   Mauritians commented that they were very happy with the proposal of having a common place for developing our culture and worship, and volunteered to help in teaching of one of the languages.


2.   Regarding the day and time-  after  discussion Sunday was chosen after hand vote. As meal is a requirement, it was decided to conduct the pooja around  lunch time.


3.   Dr. Veerabadru Math suggested to keep the hall opened for a whole day. It was felt that this option was not feasible at present, because of the expenses involved, and non-availability of facilities to take care of temple assets. It will be possible in future when the premises is owned.


4.   Mrs. Manjula Math suggested having a representation of all of the four languages. This was considered as a good suggestion.


5.   Mr. Murthy, Mrs. Leela Somasundaram, and Mrs. Manjula Math suggested approaching the Hindu Mandir to use their premises.


6.    Mr. Murthy suggested weekly abhishekam.  Many felt this as a good idea.


7.   About expenses - At present the group is bearing all the initial expenses. In future, all income from donation, gifts, hundi Money etc will be utilised for the expenses pertaining to the development of the temple. Sponsors of Abhishekam will bear all the expenses on that day.


9.   Mr. Promod Kandala volunteered to distribute the brochures about the temple through his contacts, and also through the Telugu Website. He also volunteered to do weekly poojas.


10. Dr. Godha Salunki suggested that all announcements should also be made in English apart from the four languages 


11. Poojari – We are trying to bring a Poojari for the first pooja on the 21st of August (Sunday).


12. Another meeting was requested before the first inaugural pooja.


13. Suggested to arrange email identity & website.


Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Logendra. 


A delicious snacks was served by courtesy of Banana Leaf.


The Hindu Temple of Scotland, Partick Burgh Hall, 3 - 9a, Burgh Hall Street, Glasgow G11 5LW